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Design Laboratory


Design Laboratory is a management consultancy based in Bellevue, Washington that helps organizations manage and strategize across people, process and technology. Some of the strategies and services it offers include helping companies navigate change, bringing ideas or products to the marketplace, optimizing CRM through leading expertise or advising on privacy protection.

The firm was created in 1995 for companies in the Pacific Northwest. Since then, the firm has been managed by entrepreneurial leaders in software, finance, and top-tier consulting. As a result, the team offers deep expertise and cross-industry experience in  operations, product and program management, strategy, privacy and business intelligence.

The three main values of the team at Design Laboratory¬† are integrity, intensity, and transparency. Through these the firm enables clients to manage complexity, implement goals and changes, and achieve organizational alignment, so they may compete and thrive. The firm’s clientele range from global enterprises to growing start-ups.


North America
  • Seattle
(425) 952-4300
14711 NE 29th Pl,
Bellevue, WA 98007
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