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GE Healthcare Partners is the consulting/advisory arm of GE Healthcare, which is a subsidiary of General Electric (GE). GE Healthcare Partners specializes in data analytics, financial modeling, and clinical insights for healthcare organizations and systems, and is one of the largest consulting firms in the world dedicated exclusively to healthcare consulting.

In this firm profile, we dig into the firm’s history, culture, careers, and more. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:

  1. GE Healthcare Partners Key Stats
  2. GE Healthcare Partners History
  3. GE Healthcare Partners Careers
  4. GE Healthcare Partners Office Locations
  5. Exit Opportunities
  6. GE Healthcare Partners Culture
  7. GE Healthcare Partners Interview
  8. GE Healthcare Partners Salary

GE Healthcare Partners Key Stats

  • GE Healthcare Partners Website:
  • GE Healthcare Partners Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • GE Healthcare Partners Number of Employees: 250
  • GE Healthcare Partners Number of Locations: 1
  • GE Healthcare Partners CEO: Geoff Martin

GE Healthcare Partners History

First things first: GE Healthcare Partners is not GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare is the massive $17B subsidiary of GE with close to 50,000 employees in over 160 locations globally. GE Healthcare provides medical technologies and services to help bring about affordable healthcare around the globe. GE Healthcare Partners is much, much smaller with ~250 employees. The team is either remote or based out of Chicago.

In 2015, the firm acquired The Camden Group, a leading health and strategic advisory firm. The acquisition made GE Healthcare Partners one of the largest management consulting firms dedicated exclusively to healthcare consulting. After the acquisition, the firm was known as GE Healthcare Camden Group for several years before rebranding as GE Healthcare Partners.

GE Healthcare Partners Careers

GE Healthcare Partners careers are diverse and dynamic. If healthcare consulting is your thing, give GE Healthcare Partners a look. The firm consists of a team of consultants who meet at the intersection of strategy and analytics to achieve results that improve the way care is provided to patients.

Practice Areas

GE Healthcare Partners practice areas aren’t set in stone, but loosely organized, are:

    • Strategy
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Financial Operations/Value Modeling
    • Clinical Command Centers
    • Performance Improvement
    • IT


This one is easy: healthcare!

GE Healthcare Partners Office Locations

GE Healthcare Partners only has one office, located in Chicago, IL. The firm’s 200+ employees work in Chicago or remotely.

Career Path

The career path at GE Healthcare Partners looks like this:

Junior Consultant > Associate Consultant > Consultant > Senior Consultant > Manager > Director > Managing Director.

The firm also hires for technical positions such as software engineer, data engineer, and more. Find openings here.

GE Healthcare Partners Command Center

The GE Healthcare Partners Command Center uses digital technology (namely, Artificial Intelligence) to support the delivery of patient care and drive performance improvement for caregivers. Learn more about the GE Healthcare Partners Command Centers here.

Exit Opportunities

Exit opportunities at GE Healthcare Partners vary. You can leverage the experience for a lateral move to another healthcare consulting firm (ex: Putnam Associates or DeciBio) or a management/leadership role at a small to mid-sized healthcare startup or medical device/tech organization.

Targeting MBB or other top strategy consulting firms in a generalist role? Good luck. Your work at GE Healthcare consulting will firmly pin you into the category of healthcare specialist. Your best bet is to try for a healthcare practice within a larger strategy firm. Make sure your resume highlights your transferable skills and the impact you achieved in each position.

However, many GE Healthcare Partners consultants find their most attractive exit opportunity to be a role within GE Healthcare or the parent company more broadly.

GE Healthcare Partners Culture

The culture within GE Healthcare consulting gets mostly glowing reviews from employees. The firm is made up of smart, hard-working people that enjoy the work they do and have a passion for improving healthcare.

People at GE Healthcare Partners remark that work-life balance is in line with the consulting industry more broadly. Expect 4 days of travel a week (Mon-Thu). Team members report that taking time off is easy, and the firm is mostly flexible with hours. Not only that, but most employees are also able to work remotely if they choose to.

The firm offers plenty of opportunities for growth and learning on the job. The firm offers the best of both worlds – a boutique feel due to the fast-paced projects and smaller teams but with the backing of a large, multi-billion-dollar organization. Teams can move quickly to adapt to changing client demands or project needs.

Key attributes that are consistently mentioned by employees about their peers: kindness, flexibility, analytically minded, and team players.

GE Healthcare Partners Interview

GE Healthcare Partners interviews may occur in person, over the phone with a recruiter, or digitally, and can include a single or multiple rounds.

The interview process generally starts off with a Round 0 phone screen by a recruiter. The call will consist of get-to-know-you questions. Round 1 generally involves one or more case interviews to test a candidate’s problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills. Should a candidate receive a callback, the final interview round will consist of behavioral/fit interview questions to assess if they would be a good fit for the firm’s culture. In any of the interview rounds, be prepared to answer technical, job-specific questions as well as more personal, behavioral interview questions.

The GE Healthcare Partners interview process can be lengthy, taking up to three to four months. However, the time from initial application to “you’re hired” largely depends upon the position.

GE Healthcare Partners Salary

GE Healthcare Partners salary for consultants varies widely based on role and experience.

For entry-level roles, pay is competitive but salary progression is slow. In addition, the pathway for progressing within the company is unclear and the bonus structure is confusing to many (bonuses are more closely tied to company performance rather than personal performance).

On average, the company’s base salary is $84,000 per year. Factoring in additional compensation, entry-level consultants can expect to earn, on average, $104,000 per year. A large portion of the pay structure at GE Healthcare Partners comes in the form of bonuses, so these numbers often vary widely.


Fancy yourself working for a leading healthcare consulting firm like GE Healthcare Partners? Don’t overlook your resume in the application process and make sure you are thoroughly prepped for the firm’s case interviews.


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