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Genpact is a multi-billion dollar professional service firm that supports its clients in driving digital transformation. Specifically, Genpact leverages its expertise in digital and data to drive long-term business improvements. Genpact has a broad mandate and scope, supporting hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and working across 30 countries.

Genpact leverages its patented Digital Smart Enterprises Processes to support its clients and help drive business outcomes. These processes combine several domains including Lean Six Sigma methodologies and artificial intelligence.

This article will share more about Genpact, including its focus areas, history, culture, interviews, and salary.

Table of Contents:

  1. Genpact Key Stats
  2. Genpact History
  3. Practice Areas
  4. Industries
  5. Office Locations
  6. Career Path
  7. Exit Opportunities
  8. Notable Alumni
  9. Target Schools
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. Genpact Culture
  12. Genpact Interview
  13. Genpact Salaries

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Genpact Key Stats

Genpact Website:
Genpact Headquarters: New York, NY
Genpact Number of Employees: Over 120,000
Genpact Number of Locations: Over 50 locations worldwide
Genpact Chief Executive: NV Tyagarajan
Genpact Revenue: $3.7 billion

Genpact History

Genpact was founded in 1997 by Pramod Bhasin. Initially, Genpact was founded to support GE Capital and help them develop efficient processes and move to operational excellence. In 2005, Genpact became an independent company and expanded its client base outside of just GE. Genpact continued to grow afterwards, including expanding its global reach and eventually went public on the stock exchange.

Genpact Careers

There are some exciting opportunities with Genpact careers, particularly in digital transformation roles. Genpact is highly regarded by many of their employees, praising their advancement and training opportunities. Yet there are others who complain about poor management and how they look to eventually shift roles to Indian counterparts. Those seems like areas you’d want to explore in your interview with Genpact.

Genpact Internship

Genpact has a range of shorter-term (2 month) and longer-term (six month) internships. The internship program focuses on providing interns an up close look at what it means to be a Genpact employee. Interns are added to a project team and given consulting-like projects (e.g., analyzing client data, developing client presentations, and supporting client workshops), giving them real-world experience.

Practice Areas

Genpact segments its digital transformation services in two discrete categories:
Intelligent operations, e.g., providing clients with business process solutions that improve clients’ operations.
Transformation services, e.g., digital services, consulting services, and analytics solutions.


Given Genpact’s broad scope, it supports clients across industries, e.g.,
Consumer goods and retails
Healthcare and life sciences
Media, publishing, and entertainment

Office Locations

Genpact’s office locations are global, reflecting its presence in more than 30 countries. Notable office locations include:

North America
      • NYC, United States
      • Palo Alto, United States
      • Chicago, United States
      • Portland, United States
      • Atlanta, United States
      • Toronto, Canada
UK and Europe
      • Paris, France
      • Budapest, Hungary
      • Dublin, Ireland
      • London, UK
      • Johannesburg, South Africa
      • Singapore
      • Bangalore, India
      • Hyberdad, India
      • Jaipur, India
      • Kolkata, India
      • Mumbai, India
      • Tokyo, Japan
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      • Melbourne, Australia
      • Sydney, Australia

For a full list of office locations, please visit Genpact’s website here.

Career Path

There is not one standard career path for Genpact employees. However, given the breadth of the company, there is likely significant internal mobility both within one geography and across geographies.

Exit Opportunities

Genpact’s exit opportunities would be focused on digital and data-focused jobs, given Genpact’s focus areas and the expertise you can gain.

Notable Alumni

Genpact does not list its alumni.

Target Schools

While Genpact does not list its target schools, it does recruit from top schools like, e.g.,:

    • Oxford (~150 employees on LinkedIn)
    • University of Cambridge (~100 employees on LinkedIn)
    • University of Pennsylvania (~85 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Cornell (~60 employees on LinkedIn)

Genpact also has a large presence in India. Key schools from India employees go to include:

    • Delhi University (~5,000 employees on LinkedIn)
    • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (~2,220 employees on LinkedIn)
    • University of Rajasthan (~1,500 employees on LinkedIn)

Diversity Programs

Genpact has several affinity groups for diverse employees, including:

    • The Black and Latinx affinity group
    • The LGBTQ+ affinity group
    • The affinity group for women in AI, Digital, and Analytics
    • The allyship program

Genpact Culture

Genpact has 3.9 stars on Glassdoor, and ~80% of individuals would refer Genpact to a friend. Positives of Genpact include:

  • Good work life balance
  • Learning opportunities
  • Strong work culture
  • Drawbacks of Genpact include:
  • Below average salaries

Genpact Interview

The Genpact interview generally includes fit questions in an HR screener round and more technical questions (e.g., on SAP, SQL). However, given the size of the company and the variety of roles, it is always best to clarify the interview process with the interviewer.

Genpact Interview Process

The Genpact interview process will vary based on the role (e.g., out of college, experienced hire) and geography. Given the size of the company, it is best to confirm the recruiting process and timelines with a recruiter, rather than going in with an incorrect bias.

Genpact Salaries

At a consultant level, per Glassdoor, Genpact salaries are ~$100,000 and can range from ~$85,000-$115,000.

To see a full list of consulting salaries, see our Consulting Salaries Report here.


Genpact is a great company to look into if you are interested in data and digital transformation. Unlike boutique firms, Genpact is a large firm, generating multiple billion dollars in revenue and having a global presence. Along with its broad footprint, Genpact supports a variety of industries spanning healthcare and retail. While Genpact anecdotally has a good culture, its salary may be below industry levels.

For questions about your specific situation, contact us here. We’re happy to help.


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