How To Use ChatGpt To Prepare For An Interview

The emergence of generative artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, offering opportunities for businesses, institutions, and organizations across the world to simplify their vast operations. Amidst a precarious hiring environment, several candidates have turned to this very tool to approach the daunting task of landing job offers in an unprecedented job market.
While tools like ChatGPT have proven they can produce adaptive outputs, when it comes to the rigorous and multifaceted nature of management consulting interviews, the AI’s capabilities are put to a stringent test. In this article, we will walk aspiring candidates how ChatGPT—while not a tool candidates should be relying upon—can operate as a preliminary coach for general interview preparation and why it should not fully substitute the tailored preparation that is needed for the convoluted nature of the consulting recruitment process.

How To Use ChatGpt To Prepare For An Interview

Can You Use ChatGPT to Prepare For A Consulting Interview? Yes.. and No

Leveraging ChatGPT and other forms of generative artificial intelligence for interview preparation can act as a double-edged sword particularly when it comes down to management consulting interviews. While tools like ChatGPT can offer remarkable and practical support in broader / general interview readiness, candidates should not rely on these tools when preparing for more nuanced and dynamic interviews like consulting case interviews. To better understand how candidates can use ChatGPT to prepare for an interview, it is vital to acknowledge its limitations in simulating the complex problem-solving, quantitative, and analytical scenarios that are commonplace in consulting case interviews. ChatGPT’s strengths, on the other hand, lies in its capabilities to help with standard interview questions and responses but for candidates looking to take their preparation to the next level to adequately confront case interviews, additional specialized preparation will be necessary.

Examples Of How To Use ChatGPT In An Interview

There are many opportunities to effectively use ChatGPT for interview preparation. Below we will dive into five key strategies for how candidates can leverage ChatGPT to support in their preparation efforts:

  1. Organizing and Improving Professional, Academic, and Personal Experiences:

By feeding many of the experiences a candidate has had into ChatGPT, the AI can output important takeaways or skills that are relevant to a specific industry or job description. This can help candidates tailor their behavioral responses as they prepare to organize their professional and academic stories into the STAR method. Additionally, ChatGPT can be leveraged to expose weaknesses in resumes or cv’s and can suggest opportunities to improve descriptions of your role, more industry-relevant terminology, or skills a candidate should be looking to develop based on their current skill sets and experiences.

  1. Assist in Honing in on Industry Acumen:

ChatGPT can aid candidates in improving their responses to industry relevant questions and also help candidates break down complex industries into more digestible information and processes. Candidates can use ChatGPT to embolden their existing understanding of industries and current responses to common interview queries

  1. Generate Common Interview Questions / Behavioral:

Especially for candidates who are unfamiliar with or have less experience in interview settings, ChatGPT can be an excellent resource to help you in drafting sample behavioral or broader analytical questions that aspiring candidates can use to practice various skills including brainstorming, communication, concision, etc. Because the API is so adaptable, candidates can also feed the AI sample questions to help inform how ChatGPT should draft the questions

  1. Help Draft Communications Throughout the Interview and Recruitment Process:

Throughout the interview process, ChatGPT can be leveraged to draft professional courteous thank-you emails and communications with interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers. ChatGPT can produce best practices for outlines to email communicates that future candidates can further personalize to leave a lasting mark and impression on various touch points throughout the interview process

ChatGPT Prompts For Interview

Candidates can dramatically enhance their readiness for interview preparation by prompting ChatGPT to develop pointed and tailored prompts. For example:

“Generate a list of common interview questions for a [specific job role] position.” This can be used to help candidates brush up on broader but more common interview questions they might face regardless of industry

“Provide a challenging scenario question related to [industry/role] and suggest optimal ways to answer it.” While ChatGPT will likely be unable to provide specific and tailored guidance to case interviews, it may be helpful in getting comfortable with various industry scenarios and simulations as you begin to prepare your casing journey.

“Create an outline for a follow-up thank-you email after a job interview for a [specific job role].” Using ChatGPT to enhance your communications with various recruiters, hiring managers, or interviewers can help candidates keep a professional yet memorable demeanor throughout a recruitment process.

Limitations of Using ChatGPT For Interviews

While ChatGPT offers a convenient and simple way to prepare for general interviews, it certainly has its limitations that candidates should be weary of. A significant limitation of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT is their inability to provide real-time feedback or output to specific and nuanced situations. Because ChatGPT operates on pre-existing and more historical data, it is likely not updated or informed with the latest industry trends, company cultures, or current recruitment landscape. Additionally, AI is unable to replicate interpersonal dynamics that candidates need to succeed in real interviews. These include emotional intelligence cues, body language, intonation, etc.

Beyond ChatGPT – Get Professional Help

Rather than relying on generative AI tools like ChatGPT for basic interview preparation, the most outfitted candidates will seek professional help for more personalized and tailored guidance. Here at Management Consulted, we offer 1-on-1 coaching services, access to updated case types and industry functions, trends and best practices in the current recruitment landscape, and personalized feedback and strategies tailored to your specific career goals and roles you are applying for. By leveraging expert testimony and coaching, aspiring candidates can bridge the gap between AI’s broader preparation and the nuanced, and often adaptive nature of real-world consulting interviews, empowering you with the insights, confidence, and skills needed to land your dream offer.


In the management consulting recruitment realm, ChatGPT has emerged as an ally. Still, it is not the ideal substitute that many hopefuls yearn for. While an excellent tool for fortifying foundational skills and expanding on interview narratives, generative artificial intelligence is unable to navigate the interpersonal skills, dynamic industry trends and news, and tailored feedback that professional mentorship can produce. For the candidates aiming to land the offer of their dreams, complementing the foundational knowledge that AI can provide with human-led coaching will be the strategic key to securing your coveted offer.


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