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For over three decades, one of the most exciting names in the management consulting space has been The Hackett Group. The Hackett Group provides a variety of consulting services relating to both business and technology. The firm represents a highly attractive landing space for aspiring consultants. In this article, we’ll provide a broad overview of The Hackett Group that tells you everything you need to know about the firm, including key statistics, details about the firm’s operations and culture, as well as information about career paths and the interview process.

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Firm Key Stats

The Hackett Group Website:
The Hackett Group Headquarters: Miami, FL
The Hackett Group Number of Employees: 1,625
The Hackett Group Number of Locations: 7
The Hackett Group Chief Executive: Ted A. Fernandez
The Hackett Group Revenue: $289.3 million

The Hackett Group History

The Hackett Group history begins with its founding in 1991 by Ted A. Fernandez and David N. Dungan in Miami, FL. The company was originally founded under the name Answerthink, Inc., before changing its name to The Hackett Group in 2008. Over time, The Hackett Group has grown to offer a variety of consulting services, including benchmarking, executive advisory, business transformation, digital transformation, enterprise performance management, and training to domestic and international clients. The Hackett Group partners with various implementation platforms, including Coupa, OneStream Diamond, Oracle, and SAP Platinum.

The Hackett Group Careers

In terms of careers, The Hackett Group offers a range of opportunities for professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. The firm values diversity and seeks individuals who are intellectually curious, collaborative, and results-oriented. Some of the areas in which The Hackett Group hires include consulting, research, sales, marketing, and technology.

The Hackett Group Internship

For students interested in a management consulting career, the Hackett Group internship may be a compelling option. Previous Hackett Group interns report high levels of satisfaction with the experience, with a particular emphasis on a balance of challenge and enjoyment, as well as excellent opportunities for on-the-job training and skills development. Previous interns also praise the intimate, supportive, and positive team culture, reporting a sincere sense that the company cares about interns’ development and well-being.

Practice Areas

The Hackett Group practice areas encompass a wide variety of consulting services, including:

    • Business Benchmarking
    • Digital Transformation
    • Data & Analytics
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Executive Advisory
    • Enterprise Operating Models
    • eProcurement
    • Human Capital Management
    • Working Capital Management
    • Market Intelligence


With its multifaceted array of strategic consulting services, the Hackett Group industries include partners from many different industrial sectors. Some of the primary Hackett Group industries include:

    • Consumer Products
    • Industrial Products
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Manufacturing
    • Financial Services

The Hackett Group Locations

There are 7 primary Hackett Group locations around the world. These include:

    • The Hackett Group Miami
    • The Hackett Group Atlanta
    • The Hackett Group Frankfurt, Germany
    • The Hackett Group Hyderabad, India
    • The Hackett Group London, UK
    • The Hackett Group Montevideo, Uruguay
    • The Hackett Group Philadelphia

Career Path

The Hackett Group career path for consultants follows an industry standard model. New hires are typically given the title of Associate Consultant. From there, the career path proceeds through Consultant, Senior Consultant, Consulting Manager, Managing Consultant, and Consulting Director.

Exit Opportunities

As the Hackett Group consults with clients across the world in such a variety of services, the Hackett Group exit opportunities are typically expansive. Departing employees may find new employment with another consulting firm or a company working in one of the industries the Hackett Group specializes in. Alternatively, departing employees may follow the practice area in which they focused during their time at the Hackett Group. The practice areas of Data & Analytics, Executive Advisory, Human & Working Capital Management, Business Benchmarking, Digital Transformation, and Market Intelligence all create highly valuable skill sets that exiting Hackett Group employees can draw upon in their search for their next job.

Diversity Programs

While there isn’t any public information available about Hackett Group diversity programs, the firm has been a leading voice in studying the issue of supplier diversity for the past several years. Further, three senior Hackett Group employees appeared on a recent episode of the “Business Excelleration Podcast” to discuss actionable strategies firms can take to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

The Hackett Group Culture

The Hackett Group culture is designed to be one that empowers employees to succeed through a supportive, team-based working environment as well as abundant professional development and skills training opportunities. The top ten qualities the Hackett Group emphasizes as part of their corporate culture are:

  • Innovative
  • Action-Oriented
  • Smart
  • Collaborative
  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Strategic
  • IP-Driven
  • Impactful

The Hackett Group Interview

The Hackett Group interview process is described by recent applicants as demanding and challenging, though on par with industry standards. Most hires proceed through three rounds of interviews—with a manager, a team member, and an HR member—before meeting with a panel of Hackett Group employees from various departments. While these first several rounds consist mainly of behavioral and corporate fit questions, the final panel round is described as highly challenging, with applicants required to present a high-level case study.

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The Hackett Group Salary

The Hackett Group salary information is consistent with other elite consulting firms, though a touch below the biggest firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. (For more comprehensive information on salaries at all the top consulting firms, see our salaries report.) The average salaries for the different Hackett Group careers are as follows:

  • Associate Consultant: $108,000
  • Consultant: $122,000
  • Senior Consultant: $145,000
  • Consulting Manager: $185,000
  • Managing Consultant: $219,000
  • Consulting Director: $323,000


The Hackett Group doesn’t come close to the big three consulting firms in terms of total revenue or prestige. However, the company boasts an impressive client list, with a variety of elite partners operating all over the world. Further, the Hackett Group offers a wide variety of forward-thinking consulting services. Between its vast suite of services, its highly supportive culture, and its relatively competitive salaries, the Hackett Group would make an attractive employer for any aspiring management consultant.


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