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HealthScape Advisors

Chicago, Illinois

HealthScape Advisors is a consulting firm that specializes in the health plan landscape, offering solutions and unlocking new opportunities in various market segments. Its expertise spans across Medicare and other senior markets, Medicaid and other state-based markets, commercial, ACA, and federal markets.

With a team of experts, including actuaries and clinicians, HealthScape work closely with health plans to optimize performance, navigate complex dynamics, and provide guidance in areas such as market evaluation, product design, risk management, and federal program strategies. HealthScape’s proven track record and in-depth knowledge make it a trusted partner for health plans looking to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing healthcare environment.

Practice Areas

  • Strategy, Growth & Innovation
  • Healthcare Value Creation
  • Operational Performance Improvement
  • Inorganic Growth Strategy & Transaction Support
  • Analytics & Technology-Enabled Solutions


(312) 256-8600
55 W Monroe St, Suite 2100 Chicago, IL 60603
1 U.S. office
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