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Impact Advisors is a healthcare information technology consulting firm with a mission to help clients improve the safety, quality, and delivery of treatment. The young firm is headquartered in the Chicago area, but takes on both national and international projects.

This in-depth profile will give you everything you need to know about Impact Advisors including careers, salaries, internships, office locations, and more.

Impact Advisors

Table of Contents:

  1. Impact Advisors Key Stats
  2. Impact Advisors History
  3. Impact Advisors Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Office Locations
  7. Career Path
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Notable Alumni
  10. Target Schools
  11. Diversity Programs
  12. Impact Advisors Culture
  13. Impact Advisors Interviews
  14. Impact Advisors Salary

Impact Advisors Key Stats

  • Impact Advisors Website:
  • Impact Advisors Headquarters: Naperville, IL
  • Impact Advisors Number of Employees: 328
  • Impact Advisors Number of Locations: 1
  • Impact Advisors Chief Executives: Todd Hollowell
  • Impact Advisors Revenue: ~$80 Million

Impact Advisors History

Founded in 2007 by two brothers, Andy and Peter Smith, Impact Advisors has quickly ascended as a leader in the world of healthcare consulting. The Smith’s stated goal in starting their own consulting firm was to make a positive impact. In fact, that’s the firm’s mission statement.

Impact Advisors Careers

Impact advisors careers cover many intricacies of the healthcare industry, from finance to clinical excellence. Impact Advisors careers span the gamut, with opportunities for undergraduates fresh out of college to senior executives with decades of experience.

Practice Areas

Impact Advisors splits its practice areas into two groups: Strategic Advisory & Operational Improvement Services and Technology Implementation.

Strategic Advisory & Operational Improvement Services:
Technology Implementation Services:


Impact Advisors industries all fall under the umbrella of healthcare.

Office Locations

Impact Advisors office locations are nonexistent, given most positions are remote or travel. Any in-person operations are at the firm’s Chicago headquarters or at client sites across the country.

Career Path

The Impact Advisors career path is very straightforward, beginning at the Analyst level. See below for how you’ll progress within the firm.

Analyst > Consultant > Senior Advisor > Principal

Exit Opportunities

Although the firm works exclusively within the healthcare sector, Impact Advisors exit opportunities are not limited to one industry. The type of work consultants perform and the clients they serve result in experience that is transferable to a wide range of industries.

Breaking into MBB post-Impact Advisors will be difficult, but not impossible given the right networking strategy and an optimized resume. Management roles with healthcare companies are also an option, as are positions in venture capital / private equity focused on the life sciences space.

Notable Alumni

Impact Advisors notable alumni include employees of top healthcare consulting firms and firms in other industries. These people utilized the skills gained at Impact Advisors to further their careers. Check out what a few Impact alumni did after leaving the firm:

    • Associate Executive Director at NYC Health + Hospitals
    • Partner at Guidehouse
    • IT Leader and Senior Advisor at Drugscan
    • Talent Acquisition Director at The Chartis Group

Target Schools

The following institutions are Impact Advisors target schools, but the firm hires from almost any background and school. Don’t count yourself out if you don’t attend one of these programs!

    • Ball State University
    • University of Alabama- Birmingham
    • University of Phoenix
    • University of Buffalo
    • DePaul University
    • University of Washington

Diversity Programs

Due to its size, Impact Advisors doesn’t yet have dedicated diversity programs. We’ll see if that changes in the future.

Impact Advisors Culture

One of the five guiding principles of Impact Advisors is “to sustain a fun and positive environment” for employees. Does it achieve that? Indeed it does! Folks at the firm rave about a collaborative and open culture where employees feel valued and aren’t treated as cogs in a system.

Management is described as “engaged” and “caring” – which is not something true of every consulting firm. Leadership does a good job of listening to what employees want and then taking action to provide what is being asked for (within reason). While the firm isn’t perfect by any means (what company is?), it’s difficult to find holes in the Impact Advisors culture.

On the short cons list for Impact Advisors is the amount of travel required for most roles. You’ll be on the road almost every week, which can make work-life balance hard to find. While this is typical for consulting, it is something to consider when thinking about a career at Impact Advisors.

Impact Advisors also offers comprehensive benefits, including allowances for training and programming focused on creating a healthy work/life balance. The firm also puts on events throughout the year to bring together its large team of mostly remote employees.

Impact Advisors Interviews

When preparing for Impact Advisors interviews, it’s important to know your stuff about the company and the healthcare industry at-large. Impact Advisors interview questions center around healthcare industry expertise and the best ways to enact equitable practices.

Impact Advisors Interview Process

The Impact Advisors interview process is an extensive three-round process, often taking 1-2 months start-to-finish. The process:

    1. Screening call with a recruiter
    2. 1-2 virtual behavioral interviews
    3. Final round of interviews in-person

The interviews focus on technical skills and cultural fit as well as your career goals and leadership experience. It doesn’t appear that Impact Advisors utilizes the infamous case interview in its recruiting process, which makes the preparation process a bit easier. However, you should definitely still prepare for Impact Advisors interviews!

Common Impact Advisors interview questions include:

    • Walk me through your resume
    • Why do you think you’d be a good fit for Impact Advisors?
    • What are your strengths?
    • What are your career goals?
    • What are you looking for in your career?

Impact Advisors Salary

Impact Advisors salary expectations are listed below by position (base pay only).

Analyst: ~$70,000
Senior Advisor: ~$180,000
Principal: ~$250,000+

See our full consulting salaries report here.


Impact Advisors is a highly reputable consulting firm focused on solving problems in the healthcare space across a wide range of functions. If you are considering the firm, reach out for expert interview prep support. 60% of our clients land offers at Top 10 Consulting Firms!


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