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Looking to learn about Kx Advisors and what sets the firm apart? Kx Advisors is a leading healthcare strategy consulting firm. The boutique firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. is renowned for top-notch advice to leaders in healthcare, including biotechnology, med-tech, Health IT, and more. Kx is at the forefront of improving patient care, and is known for its steadfast cultural values, creating a great environment for its employees and clients.

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Key Stats

  • Firm Website: https://kxadvisors.com/
  • Firm Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Firm Number of Employees: 50+
  • Firm Number of Locations: 3 (Washington, DC; Boston, MA; London, UK)
  • Firm Chief Executive: Dan O’Neill

Kx Advisors History

The history of Kx Advisors began over 40 years ago as Kaiser Associates’ Healthcare Practice. The firm was officially established in 2019 when it branched off as a new entity.

Currently, the managing partner and chief executive of Kx Advisors is Dan O’Neill. He began at Kaiser in 2006 and has been with the firm ever since.

Kx Advisors Careers

From recent graduates to experienced hires and PhD candidates, there are career opportunities at Kx Advisors. For those who have a fervor for making an impact in healthcare, Kx is a great place to further your skills and career goals.

Practice Areas

Kx Advisors practice areas span a wide range of sectors within healthcare.

  • Pharma and Biotech – Kx Advisors provides services to large, small, and mid-size companies to help shape the future of clinical innovation.
  • Medical Devices – From R&D to product launch, Kx Advisors is there to help companies achieve their goals and expand in the medical devices market.
  • Diagnostics and Life Sciences – With the ever evolving life sciences market, Kx Advisors provides a range of expertise to ensure the success of companies in the space.
  • Digital Health and Health IT – Kx Advisors is there to help companies navigate the fast-growing digital market through due diligence, pricing models, and customer segmentation.
  • Private Equity – Kx Advisors is a leader in healthcare M&A consulting.

Kx Advisors Locations

There are several Kx Advisors locations in the US and beyond. While the company is headquartered in Washington, D.C, it also has an office in Boston.

Kx Advisors also has an international presence in London, UK. Kx does have the option for employees to complete an international office exchange from a U.S. office to London – a fantastic perk if a global consulting experience is high on the list of what you are looking for in a firm!

Career Path

The Kx Advisors career path leads to learning and growth at each stage. Undergraduates break in at the Associate Consultant level and progress to Consultant, Manager, Principal, Vice President, and eventually Partner. MBA students enter at the Consultant level.

Starting off, most of the activities you will be involved in are related to research, analysis, and problem solving.

As you progress, you will earn more responsibilities in management of projects and clients, and potentially even new business and practice development.

Exit Opportunities

As a healthcare consulting firm, the exit opportunities at Kx Advisors are primarily within the realm of the healthcare sector.

Kx works with some of the leading innovators in the field, so the connections built with clients during your career at Kx Advisors can lead to opportunities to join the client’s team.

Target Schools

Kx Advisors doesn’t have an official list of target schools, but you can expect an emphasis on schools surrounding its offices in DC and Boston. The firm leans towards hiring students with healthcare or business majors.

Diversity Programs

Kx Advisors is committed to creating a supportive environment for all employees. The Kx diversity programs are designed to foster camaraderie and are a great way to connect with fellow employees!

Kx Advisors Culture

The Kx Advisors culture is built on five core values:

  1. Growth Minded
  2. Entrepreneurial
  3. Committed to Excellence
  4. Down to Earth
  5. Supportive

Kx prides itself on providing top notch advice to its clients as well as supporting the growth and development of its employees. The company is committed to continuous learning. Operating in an evolving market, Kx Advisors strives to enable its employees to be lifelong learners.

An attractive benefit of working at Kx is its low travel and hybrid work policy, allowing for stronger relationships between employees and offering a better work-life balance compared to many competing firms that require frequent travel.

Finally, the firm has a number of committees designed to enhance the employee experience:

  • Women @Kx Committee
  • Giving Committee
  • Wellness Committee
  • Learning & Development Committee
  • DEI Committee
  • Research Committee

Kx Advisors Interviews

The Kx Advisors interview process consists of three rounds.

  • Screening Interview – This is an initial phone interview with the recruiting team. The purpose of this call is for the firm to gain insight into your background and interests beyond your resume. In addition, KX is assessing if you would be a cultural fit with the firm. Take advantage of the more ‘informal’ style interview to connect with your interviewer, but always keep it professional and respectful.
  • Case Interview – The Kx Advisors case interview serves as a mini-simulation of a project engagement you may encounter as a consultant. The purpose is to test your critical thinking and analytical skills under pressure. There may be a technical aspect to the case interview, so make sure to brush up on your math skills! Since Kx Advisors is a healthcare strategy firm, you can expect the case to be related to that field in some capacity. Take a look here for our best guidance on case interview prep.
  • Super Day – The final step in the Kx Advisors interview process is a Super Day interview – one day, multiple interviews. You will interview with several Kx partners who will have the final say on whether you will receive an offer.

Kx Advisors Associate Consultant Salary

As an entry level employee coming out of an undergraduate program, the Kx Advisors Associate Consultant salary is competitive with other small boutique strategy firms, starting at $76,500 (base salary).

This is a good tick lower than MBB and Tier 1 firms. See our current salary report for more details and an inside look into salaries of many other firms.


Kx Advisors has a lot to offer starting from undergraduate internships to post-MBA opportunities. If you are looking to combine your passions for science and business, this is a great starting place.


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