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LeapPoint is a Washington D.C.-based digital advisory firm that focuses on delivering data-driven technology solutions. It specializes in integrating work processes with technology and talent to improve business outcomes.

In this in-depth profile, we’ll dive into the inner workings of LeapPoint to relay insights about careers at the firm, culture, salaries, interviews, and more.

If you are considering a career with LeapPoint, this article will give you a leg up in the interview process. Enough with the introduction – let’s get into it.

Table of Contents:

  1. LeapPoint Key Stats
  2. LeapPoint History
  3. LeapPoint Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Office Locations
  7. Career Path
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Target Schools
  10. LeapPoint Culture
  11. LeapPoint Interviews
  12. LeapPoint Salary

LeapPoint Key Stats

  • LeapPoint Website: https://LeapPoint.com/
  • LeapPoint Headquarters: Reston, VA
  • LeapPoint Number of Employees: 55
  • LeapPoint Number of Locations: 1
  • LeapPoint Chief Executive: Nicholas DeBenedetto
  • LeapPoint Revenue: $8 Million

LeapPoint History

Knowing a bit about LeapPoint history can help you answer questions well during the interview process. The firm started in 2006 when a team ofleappoint, leappoint consulting experts from top management consulting firms came together to create a new type of firm.

They wanted to have more flexibility in the products and services they could recommend, sell, and implement with their clients. Through the creation of multiple products, services, and the concept of Connected Work, LeapPoint specializes in technologies that make business processes more effective.

In 2021, LeapPoint was acquired by Renovus Capital Partners and is projected to experience significant growth over the coming years as the consulting industry becomes even more invested in information, data, and technology.

LeapPoint Careers

The nature of LeapPoint careers can vary widely. While there are opportunities in the consulting side of the equation, the firm also employs a variety of technical specialists that work with one of the firm’s partners including, but not limited to, Adobe, Seismic, Workfront, Workato, and JumpSeat.

These specialists come in with in-depth knowledge and experience with the products and services associated with the firm’s partners, along with a background in data analysis.

The LeapPoint Careers page includes regularly updated employment listings.

Practice Areas

A majority of LeapPoint’s practice areas have something to do with information flow and data sharing to improve business operations. Each practice area is listed below:

    • Strategy & Roadmapping – developing shared purpose and internal alignment around firm direction.
    • Business Process – creating clear views of how a business functions and then recommending ways to revamp practices and upgrade technology.
    • Implementation – LeapPoint’s teams of certified consultants work with key stakeholders to assess business impact, identify pain points, and implement solutions for: Workfront, Allocadia, Seismic, Adobe, Percolate, and JumpSeat.
    • Integration & Development – LeapPoint’s experienced integration and development team was created to streamline technology platforms.
    • People & Change – ensure impacted users are aware of what’s different, the implications for them, and the available information and training they have access to.
    • Reporting & Business Intelligence – data-driven insights that inform decisions, powered by clear visualizations.


Encompassing four key sections, LeapPoint industries include:

Office Locations

Although a national consulting firm, LeapPoint only has one office location: 12110 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 600, Reston, VA 20190. The good thing though? You can work from anywhere – most roles are fully remote!

Career Path

The career path at LeapPoint is not like most other consulting firms that operate under the pyramid model. The firm, as a technology and systems implementation firm, is made up mostly of specialists. Most employees have deep experience in specific technologies, and many work individually or in very small teams.

Moving up the ladder at LeapPoint is predicated on seeking out resources and training, with employees seeing the most growth based on their knowledge of LeapPoint’s partner products and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Exit Opportunities

For individuals looking to leave LeapPoint, exit opportunities include tech/implementation consulting firms (think Accenture). Transitioning into MBB is also a possibility, but most likely in a specialist capacity (think McKinsey Digital), as opposed to a generalist role. Exit opportunities also include working in tech or branching out into independent consulting work.]

Whether you are interested in breaking in or leaving LeapPoint, our team can make sure your resume highlights your relevant transferable skills and the impact created in each role so you can stand out as a top performer. Start here.

Target Schools

LeapPoint mainly recruits employees from industry, not from school (undergraduate or MBA). Therefore, there is little available information on target schools or campus recruitment opportunities.

LeapPoint Culture

LeapPoint’s culture is regularly described by employees as healthy and supportive. Folks at the firm genuinely like who they work with, which is saying something in this industry. And while you will still work long and hard hours as is expected in consulting, firm leadership does take a proactive role to support its employees and prevent burnout.

In addition, the firm offers excellent benefits such as professional development stipends, full healthcare coverage, remote working options, and paid time off which rolls over from quarter to quarter. Employees at LeapPoint also have access to multiple events throughout the year, such as leadership conferences and training programs.

LeapPoint Interviews

Similar to other technology consulting firms, the LeapPoint interview process includes a variety of interview types. The purpose of the interviews is two-fold. One, to determine cultural fit, and two, to test skills in one of the enterprise platforms sponsored by a LeapPoint partner.

Unlike at most other consulting firms where many roles are general in nature, most LeapPoint positions are very specific. You’ll either have the required technical skills and experience, or you won’t. If you do, the interview process becomes more focused on cultural fit instead of technical skills evaluation.

Applicants can prepare, in part, by researching the firm’s partners, products, and applications. Obviously, you will need to have the skills and experience as specified in the job description for each position or you won’t even get to the interview stage.

LeapPoint Interview Process

The LeapPoint interview process is a multi-step engagement with several rounds of interviews. There is an initial screening phone call that is usually completed by Human Resources. The additional interviews are completed with Managers and Partners at the firm.

Management at LeapPoint is more concerned with cultural fit, and the interview process offers multiple opportunities for applicants to express their personality and values. As discussed above, this is because of the tech-focused nature of most roles. Applicants either have the background or they don’t. The key question needing to be answered becomes, will they fit in well at the firm?

If you need to practice your answers to LeapPoint’s behavioral interview questions, schedule time with an expert interview coach here.

LeapPoint Salary

The LeapPoint salary comes in slightly under-market, so you’ll have to keep that in mind when weighing your options. However, employees say the firm’s intangible benefits – culture, work-life balance, team members – make up for this.

See our full Consulting Salaries Report here.


If you have the right experience, LeapPoint offers excellent benefits, career growth opportunities, and a supportive culture. If you’re looking to break into consulting, work with us to prep your application materials and put your best foot forward.


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