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Maine Pointe is a supply chain and operations consulting firm committed to improving the way businesses operate by delivering business process optimization services with its proprietary methodology, Total Value Optimization (TVO)™. The company’s unique approach to business transformation focuses on breaking through functional barriers and integrating all aspects of an organization to optimize customer experience and shareholder value. Maine Pointe consulting works closely with management teams to drive out inefficiencies across procurement, operational, and logistics processes. Forbes has recognized the company as one of America’s best management consultants for three years running, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to jumpstart their career in operations or supply chain consulting.

Maine Pointe

Table of Contents

  1. Maine Pointe Key Stats
  2. Maine Pointe History
  3. Maine Pointe Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Career Path
  7. Exit Opportunities
  8. Notable Alumni
  9. Target Schools
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. Maine Pointe Consulting Internship
  12. Maine Pointe Culture
  13. Maine Pointe Case Study Interview
  14. Maine Pointe Interview Process
  15. Maine Pointe Consulting Salary

Maine Pointe Key Stats

Maine Pointe Website:
Maine Pointe Headquarters: 470 Atlantic Ave, 4th Flr, Boston, Massachusetts, 02210, United States
Maine Pointe Number of Employees: 200
Maine Pointe Number of Locations: 5 (United States, Canada, Switzerland, UK, China)
Maine Pointe Chief Executive: Jeff Staub
Maine Pointe Revenue: ~$70M

Maine Pointe History

When Maine Pointe was founded in 2004, the goal was to create an organization specializing in helping senior executives and PE firms improve their day-to-day operations. The firm is rooted in the belief that economic returns can be delivered through continuously accelerating performance improvements. As such, Maine Pointe has a clear focus on providing recommendations that link clearly to increasing EBITDA, cash, and growth rate.

To create a firm that would deliver on its promises, Founder Steve Bowen placed great emphasis not only on effectiveness but on character. Ever since, the company has been grounded in a set of core values, including accountability, teamwork, and personal growth. With clients spanning over 30 countries, Maine Point has established itself as a leading force in the realm of procurement, operations, logistics, data analytics, and leader and organization improvement. Considering that Maine Pointe interview questions are known to test applicants’ knowledge of the company’s history, be sure to make a mental note of this information.

Maine Pointe Careers

Maine pointe careers provide ample opportunities for growth and the benefits are above average. When 100% of the 106 employees who left reviews on Glassdoor approve of the CEO and 99% would recommend the company to a friend, you can assume a certain level of employee satisfaction! The Maine Pointe consulting reputation is strong by virtue of the career opportunities it provides to its employees.

Practice Areas

The primary practice areas Maine Pointe’s careers encompass include:

    • Management
    • Data analysis
    • Copywriting
    • Consulting


Maine Pointe industries span a wide range of fields, with a focus on:

    • Private Equity
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Manufacturing
    • Chemicals
    • Energy
    • Aerospace and Military
    • Maine Pointe Consulting Locations

Maine Pointe consulting locations span five continents:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Switzerland
    • UK
    • China

Career Path

Maine Pointe is known to offer its employees ample opportunities to progress in their careers. Rather than focusing solely on seniority, Maine Pointe is enthusiastic about promoting young, passionate employees with a demonstrated commitment to their work. Maine Pointe’s career paths offer its employees opportunities for growth in a variety of positions including:

    • Engagement Director
    • Data Analyst
    • Procurement Consultant
    • Analysis Associate
    • Operational Excellence Consultant
    • Supply Chain Consultant

Exit Opportunities

By virtue of the wide range of industries that Maine Pointe works in (mentioned above), employees are uniquely equipped to expand their careers in myriad different ways through the lenses of management, data analysis, copywriting, and consulting. Many continue with careers in consulting, but it is just as easy to find roles in the corporate world (either in ops or supply chain) working for a previous client. At the same time, private equity firms looking for operators value the focus on results that Maine Point employees are accustomed to.

Notable Alumni

Colleen McCollum is a great example of Maine Pointe notable alumni. After spending a year at the firm as a consultant, she left to build a consulting career at TRC Advisory, followed by Stax Consulting. A detailed search on LinkedIn will lead you to dozens of Maine Point notable alumni inside and outside of the consulting industry.

Maine Pointe Consulting Internship

At this point, Maine Point does not offer a consulting internship for students, as it focuses much of its hiring on folks making lateral moves into consulting. If you’re a student, don’t give up on a career at Maine Pointe, though! Network and then apply for full time roles through the firm’s career portal.

Target Schools

Maine Point is known to recruit consultants from the top colleges and universities within the regions where they have locations. The firm appears to have a specific affiliation with the University of Tennessee.

Diversity Programs

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Maine Point is committed to hiring, training, and promoting individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds.

Maine Pointe Culture

Maine Pointe culture is committed to fostering an environment of accountability, teamwork, and personal growth. The company’s core values generate a culture that thrives not only financially, but socially and environmentally as well. This culture permeates its relationships with employees, clients, and the community at large.

Maine Pointe Case Study Interview

Like most management consulting firms, Maine Pointe tests its applicants’ ability to solve industry-related problems through a case study interview. Applicants can expect to be presented with a problem that Maine Pointe has faced as an organization in the past and be given a set amount of time to assess the situation, identify relevant data, perform calculations, and present final results. To become better at case studies, check out our case study examples.

Maine Pointe Interview Process

The Maine Pointe interview process generally consists of 3 to 4 rounds of questions conducted by different individuals within the company. The interviewers have a reputation for being welcoming and personable and tend to ask questions geared toward gaining an understanding of the applicant’s general background, experience level, and industry-related expertise. According to Glassdoor, a few examples of the kinds of questions asked include the following:

  • Describe a previous supply chain project you’ve worked on.
  • How would you approach XYZ project complication?
  • Why do you want to work at Maine Pointe?

Maine Pointe Consulting Salary

According to Glassdoor, the Maine Pointe Consulting salary averages $174,303 per year, with a range of $67,066-$199,709. Be sure to ensure you’re looking at the salary for the role you’ll be entering in at. See our Consulting Salary Report for more benchmarks.


If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, Maine Pointe consulting may be the perfect place for you. The company is renowned as one of the best up-and-coming management consulting firms in the world and boasts an impressive list of international clientele.

With locations spanning four continents and a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, Maine Pointe distinguishes itself as a highly desirable place to work. The Maine Pointe consulting reputation is strong, and it would be a great early career step to join their team. We’re here to help with the application and interview process – work with us on resume edits and interview coaching.


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