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Manhattan Associates

Atlanta, Georgia

Founded in 1990, innovation has been at the heart of Manhattan Associates’ operations, propelling it to a distinctive position in the supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology domain. This firm’s commitment to innovation sets it apart, enabling it to empower leading global companies with competitive advantages and growth avenues.

With significant investments in research and development, totaling nearly $765 million since 2009 and $98 million in 2021 alone, Manhattan Associates dedicates 90% of its workforce to delivering customer value through emerging technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As a nucleus of innovation, the company’s mission is to transform consumer experiences by harnessing the power of great minds, powerful tools, and visionary thinking.

Spanning diverse sectors like retail, wholesale, consumer goods, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, third-party logistics, carriers, and government, Manhattan’s transformative technology can be seen in action across the globe, connecting billions of people to millions of choices and shaping industries.

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2300 Windy Ridge Parkway, 10th Floor Atlanta, Georgia 30339
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