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Conway, AR

Acxiom is a database management company based in Conway, Arkansas. They collect data from customers and business, which they then analyze and sell to help clients meet their marketing needs. The official Acxiom company profile emphasizes Acxiom’s mission to engineer better customer experiences and to help businesses increase their marketing-related ROI. The company has also been a leader in developing an ethical approach to consumer data, with pioneering advances in demographic segmentation that allows customer identities to remain anonymous.

Position Keywords

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Advisor
  • Director
  • Partner

Practice Areas

  • Data: Audience data and distribution; Data Enrichment; InfoBase┬« (which generates consumer insights); Personicx┬« Customer
  • Segmentation Solutions; Email Prospecting; and a proprietary Partner Marketplace
  • Data Management Solutions: Customer Data Platform Solutions and Services; Clean Rooms (for safe data sharing); and Marketing
  • Database Services and Solutions
  • Identity Resolution: Data Quality, Hygiene, and Linking; First-party Identity Graphs; Identity Resolution Services and Solutions; and Identity Consulting
  • Media: Audiences, Insights, & Strategy; Advanced Media Analytics; Digital Platform Services; and Data Guru (which offers proprietary data expertise to build and engage impactful audiences)
  • Analytics and Strategy: Data Strategy Consulting; Advanced Predictive Analytics; Campaign Measurement; Impact Analysis; Multi-touch
  • Attribution; and Intelligence Hub (a cloud-based analytics environment)
  • Data Privacy: General Data Protection Regulation; California Consumer Privacy Act; and Unified Data Layer


Firm Profile

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